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Artis Products, by Arterra Distribution (the RV Division of the WFCO Group), is the leader in manufacturing, distribution, and service of water pump products in the RV and Marine industries.

Since 2009, Artis Products has been serving the RV industry with potable water pumps. Artis Products has played a major role in the RV and Marine markets with Innovative Product Design, In-House Manufacturing, and Superior Customer Service and Distribution throughout North America.

Innovative Product Designs: Customers talk, we listen. Our customer-driven R&D team is structured to fulfill unmet customer needs with innovative products for the market. We are hands-on and invest in the future by working step-by-step with our customers.

In-House Manufacturing: We design and build all of our products in-house, ensuring that the growing need of quality and reliability are met with the highest and unparalleled standards. In doing so, we are totally engaged in making sure our customers always receive what they need to fulfill their respective customers’ expectations.

Superior Customer Service and Distribution: Our newly built 55,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Elkhart, IN is centrally located not only to serve the Midwest region, but also to all of our customers in North America. Due to the volatility of our businesses and customers, we are committed to maintaining a 45-day inventory supply. This has on occasion proven to be necessary and our customers have found that they can always count on us to deliver.

Without all of these components, no unit is complete. We believe that Innovative Product Design, In-House Manufacturing, and Superior Customer Service and Distribution are the most essential components of our company. At Artis, we focus on understanding our customers and providing total commitment, implementing quality management at every level. By providing quality products that meet industry demands and offering the best service possible, we continue to be a committed resource to our customers and to our industry.

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